7 reasons to foreigners don’t come to Olympic Games in Brazil, but if they came, stay tuned with the recommendations

If you are a foreign, there ares several reasons to you don’t come to Olympic Games in Brazil.

  1. Brazil just lost the little that became democratic: the vote. The impeachment of President Dilma was shameless coup. We live in a kleptocracy dictated by the mainstream media, part of the financial elite, sections of the bureaucracy and foreign interests. Currently, our main mineral wealth, oil, guarantee of our future, is being handed over to foreign companies by unelected government. Be supportive, boycott the Olympics as a way to demonstrate their disapproval to those crimes committed against our people. (Impeachment against the President Dilma Rousseff as a counter-revolutionn. https://leonardoboff.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/impeachment-against-the-president-dilma-rousseff-as-a-counter-revolutionn/)
  2. Brazil is violent. Impunity is the rule for rich and poor. Justice is openly pro defendant and the laws are very lenient. The good citizen has no right even to defend himself. Anyone is subject to being robbed and killed. If occurs arrest the assailant, often he is released from the police station before the victim, free to take revenge . It is complete “nonsense”. If you travel to Brazil, inquire about most dangerous locals and times. Always walk in groups. (Rio de Janeiro tem um ‘atentado de Nice’ a cada 5 dias. http://www.brasilpost.com.br/2016/07/18/violencia-rio-nice_n_11057806.html)
  3. The transit in Brazil is disastrous. The main cause of this is the impunity. If a drunk driver up with his car in the driveway and kill a whole family possibly go unpunished. Maximum he will be convicted of manslaughter and will be very little time in jail . Justice will determine infinitesimal financial compensation and the killer still return to driving. If you come, watch out for cars . Use seat belts, prefer larger transport vehicles: vans, buses etc. (Mortes no trânsito: Brasil é o 4º do mundo. http://professorlfg.jusbrasil.com.br/artigos/113704460/mortes-no-transito-brasil-e-o-4-do-mundo)
  4. Dengue and zika are plaguing the country. And anyone in the streets, restaurants, hotels, can be infected. These diseases can kill. If you come use quality repellent. Sleep with mosquito netting. Prefer hotel rooms on higher floors. It has just been made available vaccine against dengue, but efficiency is still low (35 to 88.5%) . (Vacina da dengue testada em humanos tem eficiência de 56%, diz estudo. http://noticias.uol.com.br/saude/ultimas-noticias/redacao/2014/07/10/vacina-da-dengue-testada-em-humanos-protege-contra-os-4-virus-diz-estudo.htm)
  5. Food in Brazil are filled with all kinds of pesticides. There is no control. It is common supermarkets turn off refrigerators at night, food is not properly washed in restaurants. In practice, there is no punishment for those who poison you. Wash the fruits , beware of products that require refrigeration, do not eat raw foods in restaurants. If you can, eat in organic restaurants. In my city, Belo Horizonte, I don’t know any organic restaurant. (O “alarmante” uso de agrotóxicos no Brasil atinge 70% dos alimentos. http://brasil.elpais.com/brasil/2015/04/29/politica/1430321822_851653.html)
  6. The Brazilian fans is extremely rude and nationalist. It does not respect the opponent, does not value the sportsperson, unless it is indigenous. The media promotes sporting nationalism and hatred between fans, earning at the expense of rivality. In the World Cup we had sad examples: Japan, Spain , Colombia. If you come, prepare to be insulted.
  7. Possibly terrorism will leave its mark in the Olympics. If you come God protect you.

I’m being honest and advising you like I would you like to be. In the face of all this insecurity, I recommend not come to Brazil in these Olympics. if you made the hotel reservation, cancel, pay the fine and go enjoy the Bahamas.


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